“At every turn, PSS provides solutions, recommendations, expert project management, and superior site-supervision. The PSS team exemplifies the principles of honesty, integrity, workmanship, and a commitment to customer interest.” - Mr. Faisal Ajab
"The experts at PSS make the construction process an enjoyable experience. The team has earned my trust because of their high level of professionalism, integrity, and timely delivery. I am confident that I receive the best possible value from PSS.” - Mr. Ganim Al Humaidy
"PSS has exceeded our expectations of quality on our project. The attention to detail has been remarkable. However, most important has been PSS excellent communication throughout the process. They made a very complicated project run well.” - Hamad Mubarak

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The company has been started with the intention to provide the best possible results that fulfills the needs of the modern day engineering requirements and the demands of the construction industry.

Project Support Services Co. is backed with a highly experienced team of experts who are prepared to face any complex jobs that involves a lot of hard work and manipulation.

Project Support Services Co. has done many projects in Qatar in various fields. The company’s financial position is noteworthy and therefore we can take any new projects with mobilization immediately.

The Company has extended it’s operation beyond the State of Qatar by opening a branch in Singapore and have also planned to open up in other prominent parts of Asia in the due course of time.

The Company has a staff of 230 permanent employees. The number of employees does go up to 570 during various projects.

Project Support Services Co., reaches for the customers and takes quick action to their requirements. Our prices are reasonable and negotiable. Accomplishment of the task to the satisfaction of the client is our prime motive.

The Company aims at attaining customer’s satisfaction by maintaining a well-sophisticated and comfortable relationship with them and achieve double win situation.

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